Questions we get asked often

Here are some questions that people frequently. If you’re after an anwer to a different question, please call us on 0403 497 555.

  • I have sensitive skin. Can Riise Brows still help me?

    At Riise, we use a hot mint wax formulated for sensitive skin and follow up with good old fashioned tweezers to finalize the perfect shape.

  • What can I expect during my Treatment at Riise Brows?

    Using the finest mint wax and expert skills, your consultant will wax and tweeze your brows to suit your beautiful face.

    A brow colour is then custom blended up for each client using both Belmacil & Reflectocil products. Finally, a soothing brow massage and light make up is applied to your newly perfected brow after each treatment.

  • What’s the best way to maintain my brow between treatments?

    To maintain a perfectly groomed brow and avoid any self-tweezing frenzies I highly recommend clients return every 4 weeks.

    The best way for a client to care for their newly sculpted brows is to throw away their tweezers to avoid temptation. Apply a brow gel and powder each day to airbrush their brows and show off your incredible shape.

  • Does eyebrow waxing hurt?

    A little discomfort is common during an eyebrow wax, especially if it’s your first treatment. Some women liken it to having a band aid ripped off however the overall experience of the treatment is considered by many to be very relaxing.

  • What’s the Riise Brows Cancellation Policy?

    We understand that things happen. Riise Brows appreciates 24 hours cancellation notice via phone or email.